CIU and You - 2:30

CIU and You - 2:30


A 5 film digital campaign to help drive awareness and understanding of CIU. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria.


Weber Shandwick and Amgen approached us to create a 6 film series interviewing patients who suffer from CIU for their CIU and You campaign. CIU is a condition that causes people to break out in itchy hives with no known cause. We were also working with celebrity Vicky Lawrence, a CIU sufferer and advocate, and we needed to create a series of films that not only fit together visually but were also genuine, powerful and resonated with patients.


Kelsey Taylor chose a light handheld aesthetic to give all these films an amazing touch of humanity. She also was able to capture textured, shallow focus B-roll that allowed the films to come together as small, self-contained narratives. Combined, this gave the campaign a wonderfully organic feel that the clients were thrilled about.