Brief:  MTailor approached us wanting to create an infomercial broadcast spot that would educate potential MTailor users on the specific process of how MTailor measured people.

Challenge:  On just an 10 week timeline with 3 other spots to shoot, executing the creative and the production was critical to be done efficiently and effectively.

Solution:  Aris delivered a :60 Infomercial that not only highlighted MTailor clothing options and pricing, but it also highlighted the process by which customers could be measured.

Exposure:  The campaign is currently airing nationally on ESPN, AMC and other television networks.




Agency: Aris

Production Company:  Aris

Executive Producer:  Greg Bassenian

Producer: Michael Sanaiha

Director:  Greg Bassenian

DP: Daniel Williams

Editor: Blake Harjes

Asst. Editor: Shaun Lavery

Graphics: Amanda Trovela

Color: Neptune Post/Robert Crosby

Mix: Nick Vitter


National TV Broadcast