Lyft (Spec)

Brief:  As Lyft exploded onto the ride sharing scene in 2013, we quickly realized that there was a need to quickly and efficiently educate users on how their service worked as there was confusion amongst new users about the functionality of the app.


Challenge:   We challenged ourselves to try to explain the entire service offering within 90 seconds, from start to finish, while using active, engaging motion graphics as the medium of delivery.


Solution:  Our motion graphics video combined a fun, active aesthetic along with clear VO that communicated everything the consumer needed to hear without bogging them down with filler.  To our surprise, the CEO of Lyft was actually passed the video in consideration for use by the brand itself, just an added bonus to one of our own projects.



Client:  In House


Project:  Lyft Spec Video


Creative Agency:  Aris


Animation Studio:  Kurigzagt


Copywriters:  Greg Bassenian, Logan Baron, Christina Li


Creative Director:  Greg Bassenian


Producer:  Greg Bassenian


Animation Design:  Philip Detmer





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