Brief:  Hollr approached us to create a :30 second broadcast advertisement, with with :15 second cutdown that targeted males, 18-30 for their upcoming app launch.


Challenge:   We were tasked incorporating a quirky, local New York phrase used among the youth and showcase the apps voice message capability using the phrase.


Solution:  We created a wacky, tongue-in-cheek concept that involved three young people using the app in a regular, daily situation, while ending with a standard tag that explained the apps interface and functionality.




Client:  Hollr


Project:  App Launch


Agency + Production Company:  Aris


Copywriter:  Greg Bassenian


Director:  Greg Bassenian


Director of Photography:  Sam Rosenthal


Editor: Greg Bassenian


Sound Design/Mixing:  Therapy Studios


Coloring: Robert Carerri



Custom Field

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20 November


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