Everyday Wireless Speaker

Brief:  FabFitFun approached us to create a short digital advertisement to launch their new in house branded product the “FabFitFun Everyday Wireless Speaker”.


Challenge:   FabFitFun wanted to target their core demo of women 25-45 with something fun, approachable and on brand.   They wanted to highlight the style, versatility and wireless feature of the speaker, but also make sure that consumers knew this was a product that could be used on-the-go.


Solution:  We had under two weeks to create, produce and deliver the commercial.   Shot in three locations, we showed the product from home to beach, and how it could be used by all women in all walks of life.  The spot reached over 150,000 views on Facebook, with over 500 likes and hundreds of comments.




Client:  FabFitFun


Agency + Production Company:  Aris


Copywriter/Director:  Greg Bassenian


Producer:  Lauren Bates


Director of Photography:  Arden Tse


Sound Design/Mixing:  Austin Kilgore




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