BLA Architects

Brief:  Bassenian/Lagoni Architects approached us to create a short, 2-2.5 minute video to illustrate their client interaction process and also give an inside look into BLA’s offices, employees and culture.


Challenge:   We wanted to create something that felt natural and didn’t feel like a “Marketing” video.   Yet, we also had to communicate BLA’s design and process values along the way, along with their office’s culture and principles.


Solution:  Using a combination of executive interviews, office B-roll and custom music, we created more of a short film that would take clients through individual steps and process by which BLA engages with clients in what is called their “Charrette Process.”



Client:  Bassenian/Lagoni Architects


Project:  Design Process Video


Agency + Production Company:  Aris


Director:  Greg Bassenian


Director of Photography:  Ken Glassing


Sound Design/Mixing:  Nick Vitter


Music:  Nick Vitter



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