Do you need a video?

Great!  You’ve come to the right place.
We are a team of creative professionals passionate about making amazing videos for brands. Making videos can be complicated, and we’re here to simplify the process.  We do creative all the way through to delivery.  We’re  a one stop shop — ad agency and production company all in one.
We make all kinds of videos, but mostly 30-90 second videos for brands looking to advertise their products and services. Most of our work ends up on the web, but occasionally we get to do something for TV, and that’s really fun.

Now you might ask, “How do we get started?”  Great question!  Start by emailing us here. We’ll respond within 24 hours.


Every video we make has a specific goal, and that goal centers around you. Before we break out the lights and cameras, we speak with your team to discuss what business problem you’d like your video to solve, who it is intended to be seen by, and where it will be seen — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV, etc.
Once we answer those questions, we take that information and break out the creative ideas to accomplish the goal as we move into the “Pitch.”
What is a pitch?
Typically a short written document, with a photo board attached, that briefly illustrates several creative ideas we have for your video.
Once you pick the idea you feel is right, the project then moves into the script and storyboard phase.
You’ve picked an idea.  You’re one step closer to making your video a reality.
But before we do anything else, we take the idea you chose and write it into script form.
This gives you a better sense of how it will sound and feel.  We then revise the script based on your notes.  Once you approve it, we then do storyboards.
What are storyboards?
Those awesome drawings that start to bring your script to life. Storyboards are important because they get everyone on the same page. You see the vision we see before we move into production.


Who does the storyboards?
A professional storyboard artist.  We only work with professionals so you get the best results.  Typically, one of our in-house directors is involved with this process. Most of our videos are directed in-house, but we also have a pool of trusted outside directors to use.
So now you’ve got a script.  You’ve got storyboards.  It seems like your video is right in front of you!  What’s next?  The fun part.  Production.
This is where we make the magic happen. With the script and storyboards in hand, we break down the cast, locations, props — all the little things that we need to bring your video to life. We then hire a crew of talented professionals to execute the vision.  The shooting day has finally arrived.
How long is it?
For the majority of our videos, we typically shoot for one day in one location.  This keeps costs down for you, and it allows us to deliver your content on a reasonable schedule.
Now that production is over, what’s next?  And when do we get our video?!  Soon.  We promise.  Once everything is shot, we take the video into finishing.
So your video is in the can — or, in reality, on a hard drive — and now it’s time to cut it together.  This is where we edit, mix, sound design and color your commercial.
Wow. That’s a lot. Yes… it is. Finishing has many steps, but before we add any music, sound, graphics, or fun stuff, it’s worth explaining that we approach all videos in the following order:
Rough Assembly – This is a loosely edited version so that if there are really big changes to be made, you can make them in this stage.
Rough Cut —  This version now has one set of your notes in it.  It’s starting to look coherent.  But you still have notes.
Final Cut — This is pretty close to the final version.  This is where you make small snips and tweaks so that we can give you —
Locked Cut — This is mostly what it sounds like.  A locked edit in which we will make no more changes to the picture.  The order is set.  Now what?
Sound design
We add any sound effects, background noise, etc. to really bring the picture to life.
Whether it’s a licensed track or original music, we lay it in after we have the sound is done.
Sound Mixing
This is where we take all that noise that’s been added and even it out so that it sounds balanced to the viewer’s ears.
What is this?  It’s kind of like adding an Instagram filter to your video.  We can change the color schemes, correct any exposure problems, or add what’s called a “look” to your video.
Phew…  That’s a lot.  Is there anything else?
You’re done!  We export the video to you in the format you need, and you get a great, polished video that you can use on your website, in marketing emails, or wherever you’d like.
And guess what?  You own all the materials.  When everything is finished, we hand you the project on a hard drive because it’s yours.
That’s it!  We hope this clarified things.

Budgets & Timeframes

How long?
Every video is different.  We’ve done videos in two weeks (that’s really really fast) and we’ve done videos that take 6 months (that’s pretty slow). Typically, our start to delivery time is about 8-12 weeks to get you something that is really great.


How much?
That’s a more complicated question.  Great video can be expensive.  A lot of times, we send a client a quote and their response is, “Are you sure didn’t add a couple extra zeroes to this price by accident?”


Unfortunately not.  It takes a lot of amazing and talented to people to make a great video.  To put it in perspective, we staff between 20-30 people for a single production day.  These are all skilled, talented artists and crew, and we try to pay them properly for their talents.
To give you more concrete numbers,  here’s where you might fall:
You are an individual or a really small business looking for your first piece of video content. You don’t have tons of money, or maybe none at all, but still need a video.


We got started with these kinds of videos. We don’t do as many of these anymore, but give us a shout, and we’re always ready to see if we can help. Doing bigger things on these kinds of budgets is tough, but we love challenges and companies we truly believe in.
You’re a growing company or newly funded startup and you need your first piece of content. And, you do have some money set aside for marketing. And you need it to be amazing.


Great. We work with a lot of these companies, and this is a sweet spot where our creative help and a solid budget can produce something wonderful.
You’re a big company that wants a big idea, you want it to be beautiful, and you want it to be on TV (or maybe on the internet too).


Awesome. We have done these too, and these budgets really give both you and us the resources to do some really great work together.